Gauri poojan

Had been to my native place last week for the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations. Now while Ganesh Chaturthi has been featured on this blog before, i thought of showcasing another tradition that is celebrated during the Ganpati festival. It’s called Gauri poojan. It starts on the third day of Ganesh Chaturthi and ends by the fifth day. To read about the significance of the festival read this

Back in the days, Gauri was represented by a small kalash or an image of Gauri, but nowadays you have elaborate idols made from fibre which look realistic. A walk down the Lalbaug market in Mumbai will present you with many variations of this design.

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Always, the summers, are slipping away….

Was watching this Marathi movie called Vihir, the other day. The sprawling landscapes showcasing the beauty of rural Maharashtra really made me nostalgic. There was a time when i used to go to my native place every summer vacation. Haven’t visited it in the summers in ages now.

Sometime year before last i had visited my native place in October, which is not summer holidays. Was just roaming the market streets, when i spotted a Kokam sarbat outlet and quenched my thirst there. As i was having the sweet and salty juice there, i saw a couple of kids pass by on bicycles, which were much taller than them. I was instantly transported back to 1995 when i had rode a bicycle in a similar manner and crashed into a thorny duct beside the road. Mad shit i used to do as a kid.

While i was on this mind trip, something clicked and i decided to hire a bicycle and explore some areas of my village which i had never done. Luckily i was carrying a camera with me then, which was incentive enough to capture some unseen images to show off to my cousins back home:P

Convincing the bicycle owner to rent it out took some time, but eventually i got a slightly rusted, ‘ghoda cycle’ (images below), yea that’s what we used to call it.

I took it out for a spin and man did i discover some insane spots!

While on one route, i came across this pond full of bloomed lotuses!

The words said by Porcupine Tree, one of my all-time favourite bands, in the beautiful track called Trains, ring so true when i think about the lost summers.

….Always, the summers, are slipping away…
..Find me a way, for making it stay…

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This is my Land

Dada Bagwe was returning from the village across the farm, from where he gets his daily litre and a half of milk. It also happened to be his 60th wedding anniversary that day. I was waiting for the peacocks to fly down to the farms that morning and Dada happened to pass by. He was probably wondering what a city yuppie like me was doing so early in the farms.

He is my next door neighbor in my native place. His daily routine at his age always boggles me. At 72, he is quite fit, and still rides his bicycle. He has got a whole gamut of village tales. In his company my cousins and me never feel bored. I purposely used the Color accent mode in this photograph, to enhance the green colored eyes of the man.

On his Wedding Anniversary, i had promised that i would give him this photograph. I need to send it asap:P

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Showstopper Shadow!

Afternoon, my friend once told me, isnt a very good time to practise photography as the sun is fierce and it can cause the photo to display bright highlights or too much shadows. I dont agree completely with that maxim, as a change in the subject and sensitivity towards the play of light can help you make decent photographs.

This photograph is from my native place series. I was strolling in the farms in the afternoon and decided to hike to a nearby village by crossing the farms. The bridge seen here is a very old structure, useless during the summers but very important during the rains. The shadows of the skeleton of the bridge particularly interested me. They seemed to proclaim that till the angle of the sun changed, donot dare step on the bridge. I had a ball clicking many photographs from various angles. One dosent really come across such bridges “accidentally” anymore:d

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