When the rains decided to do a cameo in Konkan!

Konkan region is beautiful in the rains. But during the months of January and February, it can get quite cool thanks to the vast open landscapes and ample forests around (although locals are skeptical about that). In the months leading up to the rains, the Konkan belt can get unbearably hot. So when I went to my native place, Malwan – Masure, unseasonal rains was the last thing on my mind.

One of the things I eagerly look forward to when I visit my native place is to just wander for the sake of it: in the vast fields opposite my ancestral home during daytime or under the moonlit road which is snaking besides the fields. This time around, I was already noticing a gathering of clouds on my daytime strolls and I was really hoping for some showers. And well, the clouds weren’t just teasing.

It drizzled on and off for a couple of days while I was there. The interval between the rains was filled with an even cooler atmosphere. The landscape which was brown and yellow, got a nice touch of moisture which looked dramatic under the cloudy skies. Ok, I’ll stop with the talking and show you’ll the photographs I made instead.

The last in the series pretty much tells the story. Everyone finding random reasons to put off heading off to any other place from here.

Take Care,

Always, the summers, are slipping away….

Was watching this Marathi movie called Vihir, the other day. The sprawling landscapes showcasing the beauty of rural Maharashtra really made me nostalgic. There was a time when i used to go to my native place every summer vacation. Haven’t visited it in the summers in ages now.

Sometime year before last i had visited my native place in October, which is not summer holidays. Was just roaming the market streets, when i spotted a Kokam sarbat outlet and quenched my thirst there. As i was having the sweet and salty juice there, i saw a couple of kids pass by on bicycles, which were much taller than them. I was instantly transported back to 1995 when i had rode a bicycle in a similar manner and crashed into a thorny duct beside the road. Mad shit i used to do as a kid.

While i was on this mind trip, something clicked and i decided to hire a bicycle and explore some areas of my village which i had never done. Luckily i was carrying a camera with me then, which was incentive enough to capture some unseen images to show off to my cousins back home:P

Convincing the bicycle owner to rent it out took some time, but eventually i got a slightly rusted, ‘ghoda cycle’ (images below), yea that’s what we used to call it.

I took it out for a spin and man did i discover some insane spots!

While on one route, i came across this pond full of bloomed lotuses!

The words said by Porcupine Tree, one of my all-time favourite bands, in the beautiful track called Trains, ring so true when i think about the lost summers.

….Always, the summers, are slipping away…
..Find me a way, for making it stay…

Take Care,

Locking Horns!

I was wandering in the farms of my native place, a small village in the Konkan region along the Western coast of India. It was late May morning and a lot of cattle were out grazing the field. Noticed this buffalo and ox locking horns against each other, a unique thing for me, because its generally either two ox or two buffaloes, never one each.

I had read in a photography magazine once, that Timing plays a very important role in photography. The importance of which even excuses minor mistake that we may commit while clicking the shot. The above photograph is one such example of where i got the timing right but the emotions that could have been captured, had i been able to accentuate the eyes of either animals, was missed. But, thanks to the prominent back, one is able to differentiate between the buffalo and the ox.

Take Care