This is my Land

Dada Bagwe was returning from the village across the farm, from where he gets his daily litre and a half of milk. It also happened to be his 60th wedding anniversary that day. I was waiting for the peacocks to fly down to the farms that morning and Dada happened to pass by. He was probably wondering what a city yuppie like me was doing so early in the farms.

He is my next door neighbor in my native place. His daily routine at his age always boggles me. At 72, he is quite fit, and still rides his bicycle. He has got a whole gamut of village tales. In his company my cousins and me never feel bored. I purposely used the Color accent mode in this photograph, to enhance the green colored eyes of the man.

On his Wedding Anniversary, i had promised that i would give him this photograph. I need to send it asap:P

Take Care

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