Showstopper Shadow!

Afternoon, my friend once told me, isnt a very good time to practise photography as the sun is fierce and it can cause the photo to display bright highlights or too much shadows. I dont agree completely with that maxim, as a change in the subject and sensitivity towards the play of light can help you make decent photographs.

This photograph is from my native place series. I was strolling in the farms in the afternoon and decided to hike to a nearby village by crossing the farms. The bridge seen here is a very old structure, useless during the summers but very important during the rains. The shadows of the skeleton of the bridge particularly interested me. They seemed to proclaim that till the angle of the sun changed, donot dare step on the bridge. I had a ball clicking many photographs from various angles. One dosent really come across such bridges “accidentally” anymore:d

Take Care


10 thoughts on “Showstopper Shadow!

  1. hi… i was in rishikesh for just 2 days. i stayed at a very good hotel near the laxman jhoola. the cost was 600 per day. it was in a very nice location. it was a very unplanned trip so i cld not go water rafting there. near the hotel, there is a cybercafe whre u can book trip for water rafting. but the booking needs to be done a day in advance. i did not know this and so cld not go rafting in rishikesh. evenings u should visit the aartis on the ghats. in fact there is a place where the bhagirathi and the ganga meet. the aarti happens there at 6 in the evening. i missed that too and attended the other aarti…but if u are looking for good opportunities for photgraphy, u should visit the ghats at haridwar where the aarti happens at arond 715 in the eveing. people start gathereing and sitting on the ghats atlest an hour before the scheduled time… its quite an experience. the whole scne is quite overwhelming… the time of dusk, with so many people in colourful attire, sitting on the ghats and praying, lighting diyas in the ganga, and the aarti happening at the other end…rishikesh i basically walked along the ghats and the roads running next to them and sat near the river. there is a shiva temple some 40 kms from rishikesh… the temple is quite old and ok… but the drive to that location is good…laxman jhoola and ram jhoolas are there, but personally i found them ok… i wouldve liked to chat witha few saadhus there, but did not meet any :(i shall see if i find out the name of the hotel where i stayed. u can then check out the cybercafe and ask them abt the rafting. the price he had told me at that time was 600 for 1 hour. and abt food, im not much of a foodie. so i basically had the hotel khaana..


  2. u are going to VOF… WOW…thats a place which i wanted to visit for a very long time. planning for next year.. but i heard that the best time to go there is mid-late august when the flowers are in bloom…atlest thats what is mentioned a no of times in an orkut group…anyways, have a great time there.


  3. Hey Rashmithanks a lot for the info. well actually the best time to visit VOF is between mid july and mid august. maybe after august its even better. But i chose this time cus i dont have time in august, plus i m no botanist:D so even if i get to see 1/3rd of the flowers id be more than happy:Dtake careciao


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