BMC building at dusk

Ok i agree, i have shot this building a hell lot of times. Guilty as charged. But there is just something about its architecture that makes me go all starry eyed, whenever i am in the vicinity. This time around i had shot it at dusk and i really loved the dark blue cloudless sky which gave a perfect backdrop to the structure.

And here are some Black and Whites of the same building. 

Intl Saturdays 8: Long-Tail

Long tail boats are quite ubiquitous in Thailand. On the way to Old Bangkok which houses all the major temples, you will come across many of these colourful boats on the Chao Phraya river. Crossing this river while going towards those temple complexes, you can see the change from the glitzy and hedonistic Bangkok to the more traditional Old Bangkok.

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Indian Art Studio

I have always been fascinated with this studio, which is very very different from many other photo studios i have seen in my lifetime. It’s location, Kalbadevi, is a place which is bustling with activity throughout the day and then suddenly when you peep into the door, you notice black and white vintage photographs covering the interiors, it just transports you to an altogether different era. (Sadly on the day i made this photograph, the studio was shut).
Last night i was reading a wonderful article in Mint Lounge about this history of this place and how film is still respected at this photography studio. You should read the article  if you are big on nostalgia. 
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Esse Quam Videri

Relax! That translates into ‘To Be Rather Than To Seem’ and that is the motto my alma mater studiorum ie. my school – St. Peter’s School🙂 This is the photograph of the chapel within my school. The only history i will reveal about my school is that it was founded by Cowley Fathers way back in 1874. (You can get a detailed one from the website)

I am fortunate to be living very close to my school, I pass by it atleast once a week, but rarely drop in. It is not easy. It’s like stepping into a time – machine. Afterall, I had spent 12 of my most cherished years here. Mind is still searching for those long lost friends when i step in. Many of them are probably married by now and who knows, their kids will be studying in St. Peter’s now:)

These photographs were made around four years back when i was still using Canon A400. It was for my personal collection, as i was moving to another city, thanks to my job back then. I wanted to keep some special photographs with me. I also uploaded them on Flickr and distributed the link in my school’s Orkut group (yeah back then there was no Facebook on my intellectual map:P) and forgot about it.

Today when i opened my school’s Facebook page, i was pleasantly surprised to see one of my photographs being used as the display pic of the group. I went through the photo album, and one of my seniors had uploaded photographs from the Flickr stream onto Facebook. Most of the photographs had large number of comments, some from seniors who were from batches even before i was born. And what’s more, these are the only school-related photographs found on any of my school’s groups across the web.

My happiness knew no bounds!! I mean it was just my personal collection of photographs, but i did not realise that many ex-students, who aren’t in the same city, state or have probably left the country or haven’t been to school in decades, got a chance to relive the golden days. I don’t know many of the commentators personally, but it feels wonderful to know that i touched them emotionally at some level.

I think i need to fix a photography date with my school again soon. Probably plan to cover the senior section as well this time around:)

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PS : This is the complete Flickr stream for those interested : St. Peter’s School

Boulevard of Broken Dreams..

“I walk a lonely road,
The only one that i have ever known,
Dont know where it goes,
But it’s home to me and i walk alone…”

I was thoroughly impressed with this song, when i first heard it. At a certain level i guess everyone among us can relate to the four lines above. I definitely could when i had just passed out of college and was posted at various locations, thanks to my job. There used to be times when i just walked alone for miles, without a care in the world. Thats when i began to appreciate the song even more.

I have been inspired by a lot of songs, and tried to freeze the, in my memory via images. This one song in particular has motivated me to click a series of images.

This photograph was clicked at National Park, Borivli.

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