When the rains decided to do a cameo in Konkan!

Konkan region is beautiful in the rains. But during the months of January and February, it can get quite cool thanks to the vast open landscapes and ample forests around (although locals are skeptical about that). In the months leading up to the rains, the Konkan belt can get unbearably hot. So when I went to my native place, Malwan – Masure, unseasonal rains was the last thing on my mind.

One of the things I eagerly look forward to when I visit my native place is to just wander for the sake of it: in the vast fields opposite my ancestral home during daytime or under the moonlit road which is snaking besides the fields. This time around, I was already noticing a gathering of clouds on my daytime strolls and I was really hoping for some showers. And well, the clouds weren’t just teasing.

It drizzled on and off for a couple of days while I was there. The interval between the rains was filled with an even cooler atmosphere. The landscape which was brown and yellow, got a nice touch of moisture which looked dramatic under the cloudy skies. Ok, I’ll stop with the talking and show you’ll the photographs I made instead.

The last in the series pretty much tells the story. Everyone finding random reasons to put off heading off to any other place from here.

Take Care,


It’s that time of the year again, when the chill in the air, the fragrance of wet earth, uncertainty of transportation, greenery all around is unmatched. Also a time of the year, when my observations through my camera’s view finder, get a much needed boost. Water drops never look as inviting and demanding to be captured, ever.
Just a matter of time before i resume trekking in the Sahyadris. Can’t wait to capture more drenched cobwebs and more water drops hanging on the edge:)

Take Care

Ye Re Ye Re Paawsaa….

Ye Re Ye Re Paawsaa,
Tula Deto Paisa,
Paisa Zala Khota,
Paaus Aala Motha.

The title is taken from an old poem that i had heard as a kid. It invited the rains to grace us with their presence on the promise of some bribe (paisa). It so happens that the paisa is false and it rains very heavily.

The monsoon season this year has been the worst ever!! I have never in my 25 years of existence seen Mumbai so dry in the months from June to September. The photograph was captured when i had gone to one of the lakes that supply drinking water to Mumbai. Saw this one drop languishing on the twig, just like the clouds loom over Mumbai at times, but the drop didnt fall, just like the rains have taken an off here.

Take Care,


Deux Gouttes!!

Ah! The rains have finally Arrived in aamchi Mumbai. Rains are magical. They just add a new dimension to my creative thinking every year. How else would i explain to myself a sudden shine (on how to end a fiction piece i had started two years back) just when the rains started to pound the city. Anyways ill not get into that. Right now, let us enjoy the rains.

It was a lazy Sunday today. Woke up to the music of the rains and the howling wind. The atmosphere was perfect for reading a book. Satyajit Ray’s Indigo came to the rescue. A collection of mysterious short stories. So by the window, it was just me, Ray, steaming hot coffee and the rains!

I noticed these drops of water that had collected under the bars of the grill of my window. The drops if observed from up close were reflecting the building on the other side. Needless to say i quickly fetched my camera which had been lying unused since the last couple of weeks, thanks to my unearthly schedule. I got it in the Super Macro mode, but i noticed that capturing the reflection was outta the question as the drop was being constantly filled with water, from the sides and the film around the water was in constant rotation. And i wanted to capture that drop before it gathered enough weight to finally form into a sphere and release itself from the bar. The other drop was just about starting to form.

So finally i have kickstarted this years quota of Rain themed photographs. Many more to follow. till then.

Take Care