Locking Horns!

I was wandering in the farms of my native place, a small village in the Konkan region along the Western coast of India. It was late May morning and a lot of cattle were out grazing the field. Noticed this buffalo and ox locking horns against each other, a unique thing for me, because its generally either two ox or two buffaloes, never one each.

I had read in a photography magazine once, that Timing plays a very important role in photography. The importance of which even excuses minor mistake that we may commit while clicking the shot. The above photograph is one such example of where i got the timing right but the emotions that could have been captured, had i been able to accentuate the eyes of either animals, was missed. But, thanks to the prominent back, one is able to differentiate between the buffalo and the ox.

Take Care


9 thoughts on “Locking Horns!

  1. Hey.. Thats a good one indeed.And you changed the colors… which makes it mroe impressive!yeah.. like you said, maybe accentuating the eyes may have had a better impression, but then, this one hasn’t done too bad either.


  2. @Sindhuthanks for your thought on the photograph. yea i did change it to a B/W mode, to give it that rugged country side look. moreover this is photograph where i feel color wouldnt do justice to the content:P properly focussed eyes can literally make or break a picture:Dtake careciao


  3. @Miaim sorry there was no 2nd pic:P it was some glitch while i was composing the blogpost. thanks for liking the photograph. yea i’ll definitely go thru your photoblog. actually i started out taking photographs for fun, till it dawned upon me that i had just hit upon a very engrossing hobby:Dtake careciao


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