The Installation

There are very few public installations in Mumbai. Most of the older ones, such as the painted cows, lions and elephants outside the Churchgate stations are in a pathetic state. Barring the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, one barely gets to see much public art installations. So, it’s a pleasure to see an installation being given a place of pride inside a public park.

Present inside the Cross Maidan just off the Churchgate railway station, on the left hand side of the road leading to Flora Fountain, this installation just arrests your attention.

Post sundown, it is quite well lit with the LEDs which transition from red to blue to violet.

I wonder how the installation will interact during the daytime with the sunlight. Should be interesting to find out for a future post. Hopefully will get more details about the installation as well:)

Take Care,

Framing the framers!

I had already stopped bothering with clicking the art installations at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival since last year, for the simple reason that people never stop posing beside the installations. And I hate to make images where the art installation is peppered with people. Last year, i missed out on making some candid shots. This year though i went ahead and decided to explore this aspect. 

Considering there is an unhealthy number of people with DSLRs ready to make images, i thought of just shooting people shooting whatever it is that they were shooting. As with my street photography, none of the shots involved taking prior permission, as that would not give me the required zen-like expressions that most of us have while composing frames. 

I just decided to go with the flow, and wait till i was able to make a frame which had another person in it, making his or her own frame. And i thouroughly enjoyed shooting at the fest this year, more than last year. 

Presenting on this blog some of those images i made during the first weekend of the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2012. I made liberal use of the Color Creative – Yesteryear 2 preset from the ones offered by Adobe Lightroom, to five these photographs a warm feel.

Multi-tasking with a camera and a phone.

One of the main reason why i prefer doing street photography alone.

Take Care,

Hanging Feet 2

This is a continuation of a series i started at the Kala Ghoda Arts fest last year called Hanging Feet.

Also this photograph is heavily inspired by this shot made by one of my favourite contemporary street photographers Eric Kim. Please visit his blog for a treasure trove of information on the genre of street photography.

Take Care,