The Installation

There are very few public installations in Mumbai. Most of the older ones, such as the painted cows, lions and elephants outside the Churchgate stations are in a pathetic state. Barring the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, one barely gets to see much public art installations. So, it’s a pleasure to see an installation being given a place of pride inside a public park.

Present inside the Cross Maidan just off the Churchgate railway station, on the left hand side of the road leading to Flora Fountain, this installation just arrests your attention.

Post sundown, it is quite well lit with the LEDs which transition from red to blue to violet.

I wonder how the installation will interact during the daytime with the sunlight. Should be interesting to find out for a future post. Hopefully will get more details about the installation as well:)

Take Care,

The Newspaper Project

Whenever i go out on the streets to shoot, i never go out with an agenda. But, this time, this first image above spurred me on to concentrate on photographs of people reading the morning papers. Seeing people read newspapers is something all of us see everyday. So just thought of capturing these moments when the reader is completely engrossed in his daily news dose. 
Don’t know about others, but for me, newspapers are a means to enter into a meditative state, where its just me and the words on the paper, oblivious to the world around me. Moreso, with the Sunday papers.  

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The Podium!

With the Olympics round the corner I thought of trying to get that essence into my photography. The Rajabai Clock Tower and the fencing around the Oval Maidan came to my rescue. Rajabai Clock Tower, for the uninitiated, is quite a famous landmark here. Located in the Mumbai University Campus. Its 260ft tall. The Gothic architechture is lovely. The clocks on all four sides are properly synchronised. One special feature of the tower is that it chimes a tune every 15minutes.

Yea so i tried to incorporate the idea of the Olympics Medals podium onto this photograph. Where the Gold medalist is on a comparitively higher podium as compared to the other 2 medals. In the photograph, the clock tower is defintely a Gold Medallist. A metal that India hasnt got as yet in the Games.

Take Care


PS : Abhinav Bindra won a GOLD medal in the Air Rifle shooting competition at the Beijing Olympics 2008! Yess! Finally India won a Gold at The Games. Lucky timing:D I had discussed about how India had yet to win a Gold a coupla days back and Abhinav helped achieve that for our country. Its indeed a proud moment for every Indian!