Framing the framers!

I had already stopped bothering with clicking the art installations at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival since last year, for the simple reason that people never stop posing beside the installations. And I hate to make images where the art installation is peppered with people. Last year, i missed out on making some candid shots. This year though i went ahead and decided to explore this aspect. 

Considering there is an unhealthy number of people with DSLRs ready to make images, i thought of just shooting people shooting whatever it is that they were shooting. As with my street photography, none of the shots involved taking prior permission, as that would not give me the required zen-like expressions that most of us have while composing frames. 

I just decided to go with the flow, and wait till i was able to make a frame which had another person in it, making his or her own frame. And i thouroughly enjoyed shooting at the fest this year, more than last year. 

Presenting on this blog some of those images i made during the first weekend of the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2012. I made liberal use of the Color Creative – Yesteryear 2 preset from the ones offered by Adobe Lightroom, to five these photographs a warm feel.

Multi-tasking with a camera and a phone.

One of the main reason why i prefer doing street photography alone.

Take Care,

Looking Back at 2011

O Majhi: As we sail into the sunset of 2011, presenting some of my personal favourites from  2011.  (Click on the link on the left hand side to go to this particular post) 

This year has been quite fulfilling from my photography perspective. After a dismal number of posts in the last two years, i finally posted the more photographs in 2011 than in 2010 and 2009 combined. I hope to post even more photographs in the new year. 

Happyness Marathon: The year began on a blast, with one of my images winning a competition that was organised by the makers of the film ‘Dhobi Ghat’ and Mumbai Weekend Shoot – a Mumbai based photography group.  

Year enders are the bane of print media professionals. So i thought of doing one, as far as this blog is concerned. So, looking back, i would say i learnt a lot in photography. Got to use a lot of camera bodies, apart from my own Canon S5 IS. Went from hating micro four-thirds to loving them, all thanks to the Olympus EP3. As for dSLRs, well go to use the Canon 1000D, 550D and Nikon D3100. Had planned to get a Canon 550D for myself by Diwali, but that wasn’t to be.  

Shaping the pot 

Started gravitating towards black and white. But have tried to keep a balance between the BW and colour images on the blog, as i feel both treatments have their own pros and cons. 

Phone or Camera: This was one image that got a lot of love, one the blog as well as among my friends on other social networks. 

One major addition in this year has been inclusion of a lot of people in my photographs, all thanks to the addiction called Street Photography. If you check my 2008, 2009 and 2010, there will be just 2-3 posts/year which will have any sort of human being. Thanks to Street Photography i tend to include people in atleast 7 out of 10 photographs that i make now. Have become a convert since i first came across a great resource on Street Photography, while testing out Google+ (yeah, Google+ is responsible for the addiction). Read quite a lot on the genre and hope to explore it even further in 2012. 

Silent Spaces

Discovered Adobe Lightroom and have never gone to Photoshop since. Such a lovely utility LR3 is for minor colour corrections!  

Shoot, Chimp, Move On…

Also gained a lot of blog buddies this year whose comments and critiques have pushed me to explore photography even more. The page views have increased considerably when i compare it with those of previous years. I hope to maintain that momentum in 2012. 

Here are some images with colour. 

Portraits – 1
Ice Cream Waala
A Mouthful of Sky : My first attempt at capturing multiple exposures

A Ghost: Dabbling with compositing various images

Finally, this year was also about Photo Essays. Although i technically did just four of them (pathetic) i added one more essay which was more of a compilation of sorts. 
Blissful Bihu
In the mood for Ramzaan

Pudhchya Varshi Lavkar Yaa
Ghazals will never sound the same again
The Newspaper Project

So that was it for 2011. Hope to have many many more better images in 2012. 

Till then, Wish you all a very happy new year!

Take Care,


..And thats how you pose..

Came across this bunch of boys at the Borivli National Park, when they were just about to carry the deity to her adobe. I was just passing by them and did not intend to shoot them. But i noticed them eyeing my camera and realised they were getting ready to pose. I had no option but to get in the position to shoot. As is apparent, the grey shorts fella was the most enthusiastic of the lot. Captured this shot while he was showing me his ‘pranaam’ pose.

Till date he has no idea, i have this shot. That also explains why the others are not yet ready with their camera smiles, except for the grey shirt guy.

Guess I will probably take a print and give this photograph to these guys when i go to National park next time, couple of years down the line. Would like to capture the surprise on their faces then:)

Take Care


The Little Buddha

Gangtok is a beautiful paradise with an exotic culture, for a city slicker like me at least. I was in the Rumtek Monastery, doing my usual thing, clicking photographs. I noticed this mother child duo rotating the Buddhist prayer wheels which have the Buddhist Mantra “Om Mani Padme” engraved onto it. The one thing that attracted my attention apart from the obviously cute baby, was the way in which the mother held onto him.

The vibrant colors of the attire of both the mother and child were attractive.

Take Care