I have never satisfactorily captured butterflies. Their constant flapping of wings till they are steady, can really test one’s patience. I was doing some landscape photography in the farms near my ancestral home, when from out of nowhere came a flying insect colored Noir et Blanc. Amidst all the greenery of the plants and the blue of the sky, the butterfly looked out-standing. I followed it, with no hopes of course, but still i do try to test my patience.

Luckily, the butterfly didn’t go far and decided to settle on a leaf nearby. I stealthily went close to it , taking care not to stamp on too many dry leaves, lest it scare the butterfly (for that instant i had forgotten that butterflies dont have ears:P) and clicked. The fact that i was wearing a green colored t shirt helped. (Actually attending the seminar on Macro Photography helped me:P where i had learnt that butterflies arent easily scared if we wear green/brown colored clothes. Red is a definite no-no).

I am not happy with the result though, cos there is a definite shadow on the right wing, which i could have avoided had i been a little more attentive towards light. Also the leaf behind the butterfly is completely burnt out. Thats a rookie mistake btw. Had i changed my angle of shooting, i would have got a better image. By the time i realised all this, the winged fellow was gone. So this is my attempt at capturing one of natures most fascinating insect. I guess i can only improve from here:D

Take Care


Catch Me If You Can!

Walking atop the Sidhudurg Fort sometime in October of 2007, i heard some rustle in the leaves. There was definite movement and wind surely wasnt a cause for it. I decided to look into the bush, and i saw a Chameleon. I am not pretty sure if it was a chameleon, cus i didnt see it change colors, but its camouflage was excellent. It was holding onto the twig with its oh-so-tiny feet. It wasnt moving. Damn! It was posing!

I knew i could just not miss out on this opportunity. Its not everyday that wild lizards pose for you. I particularly loved the sharp features of the lizard, those pricky formations on the skin. My maiden attempt at the genre of “wildlife photography”. But seriously, one really needs to be very very patient for that kinda photography. With the rains having started, i am for sure gonna try this genre:D

PS: Someone please tell me if it is indeed the chameleon.

Take Care



Bassein Fort at Vasai is a photographers paradise. Its got this whole Portuguese ruins still intact and has a dense jungle around, enough fodder for shutterbugs and wildlife enthusiasts. Initially on a friends insistence i entered the spiral staircase just out of pure curiosity to see the view from the top. Whilst returning, i happened to look down and I just had to make use of my camera. It seemed like the trunk of an elephant to me.

Take Care


Bombay Mix & FujiFilm SuperSix Photography Exhibition

This time i am not going to put up any photograph, as i am just back from my first ever Photography Exhibition viewing. I have been wanting to attend one since ages but never really gave it that much of a thought. Not this time though.

Kala Ghoda, the undoubted Art District of Mumbai nagariya, was the destination. This place is so creatively charged, with artists putting paint to canvas, a cartoonist creating a mind blowing replica of your for a mere 100 bucks, or the regular Art-y junta hanging outside Jehangir Art Gallery, with along flowing beards, kurtas and that oh-so-cliched Jholas around their shoulders. Exibitions are the lifeblood of this art district showcasing the works of some of the cities finest artists in the hallowed Art Galleries, or, of upcoming artists, in the Open Air Art Gallery on the pavements. Any which way, for a person inclined to the visual art medium, Kala Ghoda is a mecca!

Bombay Mix – an exhibition by a documentary photographer named, Ketaki Seth. It consisted all B/W prints, taken from a period of over 10 years, documenting Mumbai’s street life. All the pictures had a human presence in them. What attracted me towards the pictures was its rawness and at the same time the photographer had some definite funda behind each click. The pictures, most of them were unconventional to a novice like me. As in i observed that in most of the pictures, symmetry and focussing wasnt as stressed as i would have expected it. But then when i read the title of each photograph, i knew that it didnt matter cos each picture had some definate story in it. That was left to the imagination of the viewer. Like there was this picture of 2 girls and a granny, or the one of the boy sleeping on the footpath and another man playin the flute, or the nuns at Walkeshwar, or the two men and a shadow etc. All i can say is that it was a visual treat.

After the Bombay Mix exhibition at Bodhi Gallery, Kala Ghoda, i headed to NCPA . It had an exhibition by a group of 6 photographers, called FujiFilm SuperSix Wildlife Photography exhibition. The Photographers are : Gul Gulrajani, Hira Punjabi, Ramnath Chandrashekhar, Sanat Shodhan, S. Tiwari and Sarvana Kumar. The concept was cool. Fujifilm and Jindal Photo selects 6 photographers every year and organises this exhibition to promote photography. The theme here was something that i have never tried in my experiments with the lens, so was really looking forward to it.

Contrary to previous exhibition, this one was a color photo exhibit. The pictures documented the wildlife in India and at times Africa. One distinct quality in all the pictures was the use of DOF in almost every picture, most of the time shallow DOF. Needless to say, the hardware used by the photographers must run into lakhs of ruppees, but the photographs were just mindblowing. The tiger was captured in so many candid moments, just brought a smile on my face.

After having seen these two exhibitions, i just realised how much more i have to learn in this field. These 2 exhibitions were a real eye opener for me. From here on i have decided to see atleast 1 photography exhibition a month and keep the photography flame in me alive by reading more on the topic, till the day i host my own exhibition someday;)

Take Care