Catch Me If You Can!

Walking atop the Sidhudurg Fort sometime in October of 2007, i heard some rustle in the leaves. There was definite movement and wind surely wasnt a cause for it. I decided to look into the bush, and i saw a Chameleon. I am not pretty sure if it was a chameleon, cus i didnt see it change colors, but its camouflage was excellent. It was holding onto the twig with its oh-so-tiny feet. It wasnt moving. Damn! It was posing!

I knew i could just not miss out on this opportunity. Its not everyday that wild lizards pose for you. I particularly loved the sharp features of the lizard, those pricky formations on the skin. My maiden attempt at the genre of “wildlife photography”. But seriously, one really needs to be very very patient for that kinda photography. With the rains having started, i am for sure gonna try this genre:D

PS: Someone please tell me if it is indeed the chameleon.

Take Care