I have never satisfactorily captured butterflies. Their constant flapping of wings till they are steady, can really test one’s patience. I was doing some landscape photography in the farms near my ancestral home, when from out of nowhere came a flying insect colored Noir et Blanc. Amidst all the greenery of the plants and the blue of the sky, the butterfly looked out-standing. I followed it, with no hopes of course, but still i do try to test my patience.

Luckily, the butterfly didn’t go far and decided to settle on a leaf nearby. I stealthily went close to it , taking care not to stamp on too many dry leaves, lest it scare the butterfly (for that instant i had forgotten that butterflies dont have ears:P) and clicked. The fact that i was wearing a green colored t shirt helped. (Actually attending the seminar on Macro Photography helped me:P where i had learnt that butterflies arent easily scared if we wear green/brown colored clothes. Red is a definite no-no).

I am not happy with the result though, cos there is a definite shadow on the right wing, which i could have avoided had i been a little more attentive towards light. Also the leaf behind the butterfly is completely burnt out. Thats a rookie mistake btw. Had i changed my angle of shooting, i would have got a better image. By the time i realised all this, the winged fellow was gone. So this is my attempt at capturing one of natures most fascinating insect. I guess i can only improve from here:D

Take Care


5 thoughts on “Butter-Fly!

  1. nice snap… its amazing the no of varied and beautiful colours and patterns butterflys come in… did not knw that they are deaf…ive posted my Himachal snaps on Flickr.. wld like u to see them… most of them have me and my friends though.. but there are some with just the scenery…how do i send u the link?


  2. Hey Rashmiyeaah i mean butterflies are fascinating, not only the patterns, their whole life cycle is a wonder of nature. the colors when they reflect the light falling on em, really give wonderful hues. well im assuming dey are deaf as they sense vibrations and dont have ears:Pwell u can send across the link here itself, as i moderate the comments, i wont put up the link in the comments section:D wud love to see Himachal in this climate. take careciao


  3. that was the link… c if it works. the snaps whr im not present are clicked by me… my fav ones are the shot of the pine trees and the wild flowers


  4. thanks for the visit and the comments.. these were just ramdomly clicked by me without a thought to the angles, lighting etc…u think i some of them are worth submitting at a photography competition in my office? its not a professional competition. if yes, which ones?


  5. @Rashmiwell u will get more sensitive to the angles and lighting and all that:D all photography enthusiasts do:D n well u shud submit some ur photographs in the contest, let ur office ppl know that theres a budding photographer amongst them:d well which ones:D tht shud be decided by you and you alone:dtake careciao


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