I have never satisfactorily captured butterflies. Their constant flapping of wings till they are steady, can really test one’s patience. I was doing some landscape photography in the farms near my ancestral home, when from out of nowhere came a flying insect colored Noir et Blanc. Amidst all the greenery of the plants and the blue of the sky, the butterfly looked out-standing. I followed it, with no hopes of course, but still i do try to test my patience.

Luckily, the butterfly didn’t go far and decided to settle on a leaf nearby. I stealthily went close to it , taking care not to stamp on too many dry leaves, lest it scare the butterfly (for that instant i had forgotten that butterflies dont have ears:P) and clicked. The fact that i was wearing a green colored t shirt helped. (Actually attending the seminar on Macro Photography helped me:P where i had learnt that butterflies arent easily scared if we wear green/brown colored clothes. Red is a definite no-no).

I am not happy with the result though, cos there is a definite shadow on the right wing, which i could have avoided had i been a little more attentive towards light. Also the leaf behind the butterfly is completely burnt out. Thats a rookie mistake btw. Had i changed my angle of shooting, i would have got a better image. By the time i realised all this, the winged fellow was gone. So this is my attempt at capturing one of natures most fascinating insect. I guess i can only improve from here:D

Take Care