Marine Drive Mornings 1

During my marathon training days, this is the stretch i used to practice on. Early in the morning, when the light was just right, the golden period, i used to badly miss my camera. Clearly, i can’t jog and shoot at the same time. So, i decided that i would revisit the place after the marathon and try to capture life on this stretch in the mornings. The extended winter ensured that there was a healthy amount of smog, which may not be environmentally proper, but really did assist me in making some photographs.
It was a joy shooting here, as there are tonnes of people here which gives many street shooting opportunities. Hopefully, this is just the first part of the series, which i plan to explore further.   

Through the rods!!

Mumbai skyline has been done to death in many pictures. I tried to capture the same through a different perspective. After having traversed from Marine Lines to Girgaum Chowpatty i was tired, but from Chowpatty i saw a view point up in the hills of Walkeshwar which i thought would give me a great panorama of the beach from a height. Onwards to the road, i thought of relaxing near the memorial there. I dnt exactly remember what it was. In front of me were the rods through which all the buildings along Nariman Point and Marine Lines were visible. I thought of composing the image through the rods of the barricade. the result divides the picture into two halves, the upper half showcasing Point in its grandeur and the lower half showing dirty shore of the beach. Mumbai in its two prominent avatars!

Take Care,