Ye Re Ye Re Paawsaa….

Ye Re Ye Re Paawsaa,
Tula Deto Paisa,
Paisa Zala Khota,
Paaus Aala Motha.

The title is taken from an old poem that i had heard as a kid. It invited the rains to grace us with their presence on the promise of some bribe (paisa). It so happens that the paisa is false and it rains very heavily.

The monsoon season this year has been the worst ever!! I have never in my 25 years of existence seen Mumbai so dry in the months from June to September. The photograph was captured when i had gone to one of the lakes that supply drinking water to Mumbai. Saw this one drop languishing on the twig, just like the clouds loom over Mumbai at times, but the drop didnt fall, just like the rains have taken an off here.

Take Care,


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