..And thats how you pose..

Came across this bunch of boys at the Borivli National Park, when they were just about to carry the deity to her adobe. I was just passing by them and did not intend to shoot them. But i noticed them eyeing my camera and realised they were getting ready to pose. I had no option but to get in the position to shoot. As is apparent, the grey shorts fella was the most enthusiastic of the lot. Captured this shot while he was showing me his ‘pranaam’ pose.

Till date he has no idea, i have this shot. That also explains why the others are not yet ready with their camera smiles, except for the grey shirt guy.

Guess I will probably take a print and give this photograph to these guys when i go to National park next time, couple of years down the line. Would like to capture the surprise on their faces then:)

Take Care


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