BMC building at dusk

Ok i agree, i have shot this building a hell lot of times. Guilty as charged. But there is just something about its architecture that makes me go all starry eyed, whenever i am in the vicinity. This time around i had shot it at dusk and i really loved the dark blue cloudless sky which gave a perfect backdrop to the structure.

And here are some Black and Whites of the same building. 

Up close in CST

What do you get when you have a super zoom camera and are bored around the CST precint? Simple, just use the zoom and go deep on the gothic architectural marvel that is the CST headquarter building.

The gargoyles with their eyes popping out are my favourites though:)

This one’s on the BMC building on the opposite side of the road. Another superb building, which is as bad inside as it’s beautiful on the outside. Well, what do you expect when you have muncipality HQ inside such an awesome building?

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The architecture around South Mumbai always fascinates me and I love to get lost among these old buildings. When I am not busy getting lost, i try to interpret them in as many ways as i can. Now if only i got a chance to shoot within these beautiful monuments, i would get to learn so much. There is something inherently attractive about the history behind these old structures. Abandoned places are the only other spaces that attract me as much, specially the defunct Mills around my locality. Hope to be able to shoot them someday. Till then, South Mumbai old architecture is where i will quench my thirst.

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Down the street…

“Sixty years ago, on such a shiny day, a little boy, holding the hand of his father, walked this street. And as the years passed by, father was replaced by friends and eventually by a woman.
But through the twists and turns of this straight road, everyone seemed to vanish, one by one.
Rain poured, floods rushed in, sun burst, still, the windows remain silent and kept the secrets, till it hurts.
And for the days to come, the tired old man, will walk the same old street, with mind full of unsettling thoughts about lost world, lost hope and death.”
Saurabh, 21, Mumbai.

This was the interpretation given by a cousin when he saw this photograph which was completely different from what was going through my mind while making the composition. This is my maiden attempt at just clicking the photograph and letting someone fill in the words. On the occassion of World Photography Day, would like to add this new dimension to the blog:)

Happy World Photography Day to all the shutterbugs:)

Take Care


PS: Please do visit Saurabh’s blog here : Scattered Pieces


I am a sucker for the British Gothic Architechture across the CST – Fountain strech. I have been there on countless occasions with my camera, trying to capture the beauty of the buildings all around. Needless to say, the appetite for that is insatiable.

This is the LIC building located just after the alley separating it from Siddharth College. The spot from which i took the photograph has many Vada Pav, Chai vendors, as its a major junction for college students as well as Office going janata. The Standard Chartered Bank is just behind this LIC building.

I had captured this building before as well ‘Old World Charm’. But at that time i had just concentrated on one aspect of the building. This time though i wanted to showcase the structure through a different perspective. I wanted to highlight the architechture, as seen from a person standing below the building. I love trying out various angles.

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