Boulevard of Broken Dreams..

“I walk a lonely road,
The only one that i have ever known,
Dont know where it goes,
But it’s home to me and i walk alone…”

I was thoroughly impressed with this song, when i first heard it. At a certain level i guess everyone among us can relate to the four lines above. I definitely could when i had just passed out of college and was posted at various locations, thanks to my job. There used to be times when i just walked alone for miles, without a care in the world. Thats when i began to appreciate the song even more.

I have been inspired by a lot of songs, and tried to freeze the, in my memory via images. This one song in particular has motivated me to click a series of images.

This photograph was clicked at National Park, Borivli.

Take Care


8 thoughts on “Boulevard of Broken Dreams..

  1. hi. how are u.. dropped here after a long timeand ditto… i love to walk and that too alone…like the shade of colour that uve used (dont know the tech term for it)


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