The Newspaper Project

Whenever i go out on the streets to shoot, i never go out with an agenda. But, this time, this first image above spurred me on to concentrate on photographs of people reading the morning papers. Seeing people read newspapers is something all of us see everyday. So just thought of capturing these moments when the reader is completely engrossed in his daily news dose. 
Don’t know about others, but for me, newspapers are a means to enter into a meditative state, where its just me and the words on the paper, oblivious to the world around me. Moreso, with the Sunday papers.  

Take care,

8 thoughts on “The Newspaper Project

  1. @Magiceye: thanks:)@Saru: like i said, it gets you in a meditative state, keeps u still, which is so rare nowadays with so much happening all around us:) glad you feel the same:)@Krunal: thanks man. Plan to do more series in the future, just need to get off my lazy bum:P


  2. Hey Nimmo,Just wanted to say, I loved this essay. The completely relaxed state that most people are in when they read their morning paper is aptly captured. And above all, a great choice of subject!


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