The Podium!

With the Olympics round the corner I thought of trying to get that essence into my photography. The Rajabai Clock Tower and the fencing around the Oval Maidan came to my rescue. Rajabai Clock Tower, for the uninitiated, is quite a famous landmark here. Located in the Mumbai University Campus. Its 260ft tall. The Gothic architechture is lovely. The clocks on all four sides are properly synchronised. One special feature of the tower is that it chimes a tune every 15minutes.

Yea so i tried to incorporate the idea of the Olympics Medals podium onto this photograph. Where the Gold medalist is on a comparitively higher podium as compared to the other 2 medals. In the photograph, the clock tower is defintely a Gold Medallist. A metal that India hasnt got as yet in the Games.

Take Care


PS : Abhinav Bindra won a GOLD medal in the Air Rifle shooting competition at the Beijing Olympics 2008! Yess! Finally India won a Gold at The Games. Lucky timing:D I had discussed about how India had yet to win a Gold a coupla days back and Abhinav helped achieve that for our country. Its indeed a proud moment for every Indian!

9 thoughts on “The Podium!

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  2. oval… one of my favourite locations in the city. its the most beutiful in the rains when young boys come play football there in the rain and the mud….lovely pic too. the fence kindof frames the tower. in reality the distance between the tower and the fence is very long, but that does not appear in ur pic. i feel that the maybe u shouldve stepped a little towards ur right when u took this pic, the tower looks slightly off centere..and the bse tower is also seen slightly on the left.. just my opinion…but more than this i like the pic of the steps at banganga with the man climbing down. uve capture the movement well…the expressions on the mns face where he seems to have lost in his thoughts…maybe u should also try some black and white portraits…and ill again say that ur angles in abstract photography are good… the texture of the stones used in the steps have come out well in the snap…good work


  3. @Rashmithanks a million for the detailed critique. i really appreciate it. well Oval is a lovely place. and yeah, i had clicked the photograph from Eros side of the fence, so thats quite far from the actual tower. im glad that you located the BSE error that i made, initially whilst taking the photograph i didnt really notice it, but it couldve been avoided. regarding the Banganga photograph, well it was a spur of the moment photograph, and im glad that you liked it. I so wanna do potrait photography, but its just that i feel too shy to go up to ppl and ask them to pose:D i am working on it, atleast in Rishikesh i gt over this inhibition. will def try to click more people shots. take careciao


  4. i had to go thru so many of my posts to check where did u comment n then i realised u commented on d food blog…so finally after all the search i have added ya on my blogroll


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