Red Sea..

The occassion was a family trip to a beach resort near Mumbai. My cousin was walking along the shore when i captured his silhouette. I love the sunsets on any beaches. I remember when i was in Goa in 2006 i used to be at the beach especially to capture the sunset, even though everyday the clouds used to block the sun. But the changing hues in the sky and their reflecations on the great Arabian Sea keep me glued to the shore. I guess being a Mumbaikar, one automatically falls in love with the sea.
Tried to capture as much warmth in this photograph as i could. The sea acts as a lovely mirror reflecting the mood in the sky.
Take Care

6 thoughts on “Red Sea..

  1. @Ellenhey so thrilled to see u here:) thanks for the appreciation:) now ill add your blog id to my list and resume from where we had left on o3:)) seems like ages:Dtake careciao


  2. @sindhui just increased the reds/warmth of the photograph. thanks a lot for the photoblog id. ill definitely get some tips from Rauf uncle:)take careciao


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