Who is John Galt?

I had made this photograph long back. I was travelling to Mumbai from my native place and reading this book in the train. Atlas Shrugged happens to be one of my favourite books and starts off with the line which i have put in the title. Rand left me totally impressed with this one man taking on the mediocre society surrounding him. I really loved the philosophy of Objectivism which is the underlying theme of most of Rand’s writing.

The book which looks tattered and torn has an interesting story. This book belonged to a friend of mine and he was waxing eloquent about it as he was progressing through it. I said cool, i will read it once you are done. Since the spine of the book was too thick and this friend of mine wasnt really careful, it came apart, in two parts. When he finished reading the first part of the torn tome, he handed it to me while having just started to read the other part of the tome.

It so happened that i finished reading the first half before he finished the second half. I couldnt wait for him to finish the other part. So i went ahead and bought a copy for myself:))

This book has impressed me and changed my thinking process in many ways. There are some lines in the book that have stayed with me to this day. One just has to read the book with patience. Its a gem. You’ll either totally love it or totally hate it! There’s no middle path.

Take Care


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