Was hanging out around the Banganga premises in Girgaum area. Its a peaceful area, with the silence punctuated by the quack of the ducks and bells from the temples. The showstopper here is the network of stone steps which ultimately lead into the water body. The water body, according to Hindu Mythology came into existence after Lord Ram struck an arrow into the earth resulting in sprouting of water. The name Banganga separates into Ban = Arrow and Ganga – the name of India’s holiest river.

Here time seems to stop for reasons unknown. Surrounding the Banganga premise is a large number of temples dedicated to the numerous Hindu and Jain gods and godessess. A very religious feel this whole place has.

The guy in the photograph was the only human being i saw other than me in the entire complex. He was just walking from one end to the other, seemed to me that he was introspecting.

Take Care


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