Muted Conversations!

Mumbai is blessed with these old world structures like the lamp post in the photograph above. Was walking along the Gateway of India, when i noticed two crows, perched onto the wires connected to the lamp post. They seemed to be lost in a kind of conversation that we humans generally have when we are facing each other after an argument, or a difference of opinions. The crow on the left seems to be making some point, which the crow on the right seems to agree with now, but did not agree upon initially. The clear sky provided a perfect backdrop for this photograph. Have tried to make use of a concept called negative space in the photograph.

Take Care


5 thoughts on “Muted Conversations!

  1. this reminds me of the evenings spent in my terrace… at dust, all the crows in the vincity would perch themselves on the terrace or the surrounding trees and be either all silent/crow together as if having a mute conversation among themselves or discussing the day’s events among themselves…good observation by u..


  2. @Ankushthanks:d@Rashmiim glad that the photograph reminds u of something:D we see them everyday perched onto some wire or the other, but never really bother to really look and think must be going thru their mind. thats the thing i like about photography, it makes one very observant:dtake careciao


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