The Perfectionist!

Kala Ghoda is the undoubted Art District of Mumbai as one gets to feast his or her eyes on the pavement art galleries, a concept which is quite unique in itself. Many a times, if one is lucky, he gets to see the artists in their element.

I came across an artist who i have seen here since the last many years, and he does a complete clone of the photograph he has, with his pencil. The eyes in the potrait seem so lively. Infact it was the eyes which made me stop and notice the artist. You’ll can judge for yourself the level of perfection being displayed in the artwork.

Take Care


9 thoughts on “The Perfectionist!

  1. hello guys,does anyone knows him or has his contact details?????his work is just awesome and i would love to get him do some of my work…. waiting again all the way till feb wont be a good idea !!!!!cheers….


  2. @aasthathe man's name is Vijay Parasnaik and he sits on the pavement gallery outside Jehangir Art Gallery. He is around throughout the year except during rains. You can just ask for him, all the artists there know him. Here is a better photograph of the artist


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