Was just going through my old photographs and i cringe at some of the mistakes i made. I mean there are some photographs which i could’ve improved upon on the spot. But then like the latest Aamir Khan ad goes ‘…Doosro ki galtiyon se kya seekhna, make your own mistakes yaar’, im really glad that i made those mistakes. It really helps me in improving upon my photography in a major way.
This was one such photograph where i could’ve easily avoided the part of the tree that enters in the upper right.

I was strolling beside the beach, in South Goa and there was a huge wall formed by the palm trees which blocked the beach in a major way. Luckily we came across this opening, which gave a really charming view of the beach. The scene also had a human element, the cyclist. So before the cyclist went outta the frame, i captured the scene, not keeping in mind that i was introducing the unwanted trunk of the tree as well.

Take Care


6 thoughts on “Wilderness

  1. ah ….i like the description of yur blog…..n your pretty good at photographs eh, keep it up. btw i have recently discovered i enjoy taking pics too, so it was a nice tip 😉 yeah me learning form yur mistakes.byw thanks for dropping by at ambrosia hope to see u around. cheers. did i say nice blog


  2. hey Princess Miawelcome to my blog. thanks a lot for the kind words. well im passionate about photography, it really gives me immense pleasure. heheh well learning from others mistakes is quite wise:D welll ambrosia seems a blog that i will like:D take careciao


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