Jaane Ye Raahein Ab Le Jayengi Kahaan….

“Tanha Dil” is one of my all time favourite songs. Its so meaningful yet catchy at the same time. I particularly love those two lines in it,
“Aankhon me sapne liye, ghar se hum chal to diye,
Jaane ye raahein ab le jayengi kahaan..”

Life isnt always straight. Twists, turns, changes are a part and parcel of life. Lets face it, that adds a lot of salt, spice, chaat (take your pick) to our lives. I myself am at a similiar such turn in my life, careerwise. Lets see what happens:D

Photography has some rules for sure, but its fun bending those rules at times. Afterall, as the saying goes, rules are meant to be broken.

Whilst jaywalking around the Banganga district in Walkeshwar, i came across these stone stairs leading out of Banganga, and after having taken some standard shots of the stairs, i decided to click at an angle, thus making the composition asymmetrical. Luckily around the time i was composing the shot, a local seemed to be coming my way, i waited till he arrived at just the right spot and captured the moment. The idea behind keeping the man in the frame was to show some kinda action in the frame, which otherwise would have looked very static. I have observed that none of my photographs have the human element, and i am trying my best to work on it.

Take Care


16 thoughts on “Jaane Ye Raahein Ab Le Jayengi Kahaan….

  1. The picture’s very nice :)And Same Pinch! I am not sure where I am headed professionally! All I know is am standing at some lonely cross roads with too many ways out there!


  2. nice photo, goes well with that tag line, i was obsessed with that song when it came out….long time ago…


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