A Dragon Fossil?!?

Creeks or small lakes seem very boring when viewed at eye level. But at 10,000 plus feet its an altogether different view. What seems boring suddenly becomes fascinating. Like this waterbody i came across whilst flying from Mumbai to Kolkata. I dont know the exact spot as Jet Airways dont have the GPS screen as Kingfisher does. (The height may also be ambiguous, but i wasnt too high as well so im keeping it at 10K ft). The landscape becomes very intriguing once the flight has started its ascent.

I came across many such waterbodies whilst the journey, but this one in particular left me pleasantly surprised. It seemed to me like the Chinese Dragon all ready to spew fire. Nature is indeed very fascinating, once we change our vantage point, our perspective.

Take Care


PS : I know the quality of the photograph isnt upto the mark, but in my defence ill say that i had to shoot through the window of the plane, plus the atmosphere was kinda misty.

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