The Ladder!

One of my attempts at Abstract Photography. I was bored on the hot summer afternoon and was just roaming around my ancestral home, where a lot of construction work was going on. There wasnt much of an oppurtunity to do photography around the house. I noticed this ladder placed along one of the walls, the workers had gone to take their afternoon siesta. Yeah, in the villages, an afternoon siesta is a must. There was nothing out of the world in the ladder, but when i saw it through this angle i noticed a definite shadow. Offlate i have become very sensitive to the angle of light and all that and try as much as i can to capture images that showcase the role of shadows. This shot gave me an idea to shoot a series of photographs with a Shadow Theme. Strange how one thing leads to another.

Take Care


6 thoughts on “The Ladder!

  1. just been thru ur flickr album… i feel that ur are good at abstract photography… this and the shot of the water drops on the grill are the best


  2. hey Rashmithanks for the appreciation. im glad u noticed the grains i had purposely added:D thanks again for going thru the flickr album. well photography really makes you sensitive to such things like light, shadows, minute details that we may not have noticed initially, etc. its an amazing hobby:Dtake careciao


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