Leaning Elphinstone?!

Kala Ghoda Art District is an art lovers paradise. I particularly love the whole arty feel to the place. With so many Art Galleries around and the street art gallery with artists in their element, is a sight to behold. With so much art happening around, one really gets the nitro boost as far as creativity is concerned. It was probably this boost of creativity that prompted me to see the Royal Elphinstone college, the architechtural marvel, from a different perspective.

Clicking the facade of the structure head on would be very cliche, i thought. Plus clicking so ordinary a shot would not really do justice to the creative, artistic vibes in the air. So while walking under the arch of the college thinking of ideas to capture a unique photograph, i came across the reflection of the massive structure on the rear glass of this parked car. The entire structure was visible, but not in high detail. Still i thought, this is a unique moment, and no one would capture another similiar kinda photograph as there is a slim chance of the car being parked in the similiar place with similiar light conditions and as clear a sky.

Take Care


6 thoughts on “Leaning Elphinstone?!

  1. hey nimish, lovely angle and excellent observation to notice the reflection on the car. if id not read it, i wldnt have known that it was a reflection on the car window…


  2. @rashmithanks for liking the final outcome. well i was in two minds of whether to write tht it was a reflection on a car window. cos had i not, people would have thought i have tried some gimmick with Pshop:D Reflections work wonders with photographs, do try em out:dtake careciao


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