A Lone Bicycle!

Kolkata has many narrow alleys (aka gullies), formed because of the gaps between two very closely spaced buildings. I was photographing one such narrow road when i noticed this bicycle left unattended outside a house. The bicycle seemed ready to take off any time. So thought of capturing before it decided to do so:D

I had thought of keeping this in the B/W mode, but the green door and highlighted wood on the upper part convinced me that it would look good in color. The green metal balcony fence remind one of an era gone by. I also liked the shadow formed due to the wood in the upper half.

Take Care


4 thoughts on “A Lone Bicycle!

  1. Hey.. it was this very pic that really caught my fascination when I was seeing your Earth Trek page!A very nice shot indeed.Did you make any changes to the colors after you took the pic or this is the original pic, as it was when you took it?Whatever.. wonderful shot


  2. Hey Meherthanks a lot for the appreciation yaar. Well i did not change the colors but yea i did play around with the exposure of the shot and the brightness and saturation levels.take careciao


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