The Mumbai Skyline!

Today’s Maharashtra Day. So thought of putting up a relevant picture. Of all the pictures I picked this cos it just represents to me the greatest place on the planet!
This picture was clicked sometime back. It was a cloudy day as can be seen. I dunno why I’m putting this up so late, but i somehow love this picture. Its so Mumbai! Clicked off Marine Drive, the picture showcases the southern end of the Queens Necklace, winding around the Girgaum Chowpatty Beach with Walkeshwar in the background. I know none of the places mentioned are clearly visible here:P as i wanted to focus on the sky more than the places. To enhance it I used a cooler tone, and kept the ratio in favour of the sky.

Take Care


8 thoughts on “The Mumbai Skyline!

  1. hey vrijthanks a lot 4 the appreciation man. regarding the BSE snap, well i wanted to click a unique one, and the branches just helped a lot in that aspect:Dtake careciao


  2. You have some great work here Sir (and you’re so lucky to travel around so much), thanks for stopping by and offering your feedback, it is dearly appreciated 🙂


  3. @abhijitwell this was captured last year in June, time was around 545pm i guess. thanks for liking it man:d@Azhardude, im no Sir:P please dont make me one:D thanks a lot for the appreciation. well you have an amazing sense of photography as well. m looking fwd to ur film photography!take careciao


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