The Tower!

This picture was clicked from a View Point named Ganesh Tok. This point has a Ganesh temple at its base, a little climbing up the stairs and you come to a point, from which you get a complete view of Gangtok City from a height. Notice the roads going zig zag, and yeaah the very prominent thing as can be seen in the pic is the TV tower. Yeah Gangtok has a Doordarshan Kendra. You can see this tower from almost anywhere in Gangtok.

As the time was just about 615 am, you can see the fog beyond the 1st mountain. If seen clearly, we see a lot of houses built on the hill itself, surrounded by tall pine trees. Also seen in the picture is another very prominent feature of Gangtok, the white colored prayer flags.

Take Care


One thought on “The Tower!

  1. nice pics u click.. so.. making it professional?and hey.. u don’t really need word verification for comments, do u? its a pain u know..


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