Portraits 10: Perfume Chacha part deux

The perfume sellers lining the Bhendi Bazaar – Mohammed Ali road stretch are a joy to photograph as not only is your sense of sight bombarded with such colourful displays but also the sense of smell reaches heavenly levels thanks to the magical fragrant potions hidden within those shops.
The original Perfume chacha that gave me a push to carry on this series.
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Portraits 2: Perfume Chacha

Selling concentrated perfumes, also known as ‘Ittar’, in one of those many hole-in-the-wall shops around Mohammed Ali Road, perfume – chacha as i referred to him later was quite excited when he saw me shooting his shop. He demanded to see the photograph, and asked me to take a better shot:P Plan to give him a print of this, when i pass by that area again.

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In the mood for Ramzaan

In the holy month of Ramzaan, Mohammed Ali road is one place where you will find a sea of humanity post sunset. This is when the place comes alive and is so, till the early morning next day. The place is a foodies’ and a photographers paradise. So i set out one fine evening to capture some moments.
Round and about
A mehndi seller filling up the mehndi cones. He said most of his customers are male, who use the mehndi /henna and apply it in the hair of their beards

Womens market

Found these pretty mannequins with the hijab, and well just had to capture them

The sheer colour and dazzle of the bangles due to the bulbs can get overwhelming after a while, but it is fun to watch the women haggle over these with the stall guys:)

Getting Ready to break the fast

The Meats and Eats

The fried goodies, generally had while breaking the Roza alongwith the fruits

The Khichda – a concoction of dal and meat (generally mutton or beef) where the meat is cooked to that melt-in-your-mouth precision

The Sweets


A stall owner extracting the sweet named Sandaal from the cups

The beloved Malpua – heavenly when had with the Rabri (a condensed milk recipe)

Eid Mubarak

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