Down the street…

“Sixty years ago, on such a shiny day, a little boy, holding the hand of his father, walked this street. And as the years passed by, father was replaced by friends and eventually by a woman.
But through the twists and turns of this straight road, everyone seemed to vanish, one by one.
Rain poured, floods rushed in, sun burst, still, the windows remain silent and kept the secrets, till it hurts.
And for the days to come, the tired old man, will walk the same old street, with mind full of unsettling thoughts about lost world, lost hope and death.”
Saurabh, 21, Mumbai.

This was the interpretation given by a cousin when he saw this photograph which was completely different from what was going through my mind while making the composition. This is my maiden attempt at just clicking the photograph and letting someone fill in the words. On the occassion of World Photography Day, would like to add this new dimension to the blog:)

Happy World Photography Day to all the shutterbugs:)

Take Care


PS: Please do visit Saurabh’s blog here : Scattered Pieces

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