Blissful Bihu: the Assamese folk dance

Kala Ghoda arts festival (KGAF) always exposes me to something new each year, which is precisely the reason why i eagerly look forward to it. I had always heard of the folk dance of Assam – Bihu dance – but this year i witnessed it live at KGAF.

It is a dance performed by young men and women during the Bihu festival. The women were dressed in vibrant green sarees called mekhalas accompanied by men wearing traditional dhotis and gamochas. Bihu music involves the use of traditional instruments like the dhol (a drum), a mohor singor pepa (a pipe instrument made out of buffalo horn) and cymbals among others.
The dance form was quite energetic, with a liberal dose of jhatkas among the women. A little googling on the festival gave me the answer:
“This joyous dance is performed by both young men and women, and is characterized by brisk dance steps, rapid hand movement, and a rhythmic swaying of the hips in order to represent youthful passion, reproductive urge and ‘Joie-de-vivre’.”
Enjoy the photographs:)
Men in traditional gamocha
Engrossed in a thundering dhol segment

Probably the only still shot i captured from the entire session

Another instance where i could capture a stance…..

….while most of the times, the dance movements were too fast for my camera

Take Care

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