Flirtatious Finlandia

I was first introduced to Finlandia around two years back, when a cousin who works as an Officer on a carrier ship returned from his voyage. Never in my life had i tasted such smooth vodka. For the first time, i did not feel the need to drink vodka with any accompaniment. For once, i drank vodka, the way it should be drunk – Neat. This was two years back.
Couple of months back, i purchased a Finlandia Lime Fusion vodka to re-acquaint myself and my cousins with its taste. It’s colourless and has absolutely no odour. As you take the first sip, the vodka will most likely bite you on the tongue and the roof of your mouth, but you will be surprised at how smoothly it will slide down your throat. It does not leave any wierd taste or burning sensation after being gulped down. You do get a mild aftertaste of lemon rind. You might get the impression, that it is too smooth to actually hit you. Well take a couple of pegs and let the magic start unfolding:)
Seen in the photograph above are two cousins who are out. I was knocked out as well, but shot some photographs before retiring to bed. Between the three of us we couldn’t finish the bottle as we had decided to, when we started some hours back:P
Which reminds me, there’s still some vodka left. Need to get back to it soon.
Take Care
PS: The bottle is completely transparent. The yellow/orange colour is the ambient light.

7 thoughts on “Flirtatious Finlandia

  1. @Blue Periwinklewelcome to my blog:) I've never recommended Finlandia to a non drinker, but if had in small dose, it will be good fun:))


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