Rishikesh is a place buzzing with energy from 5 in the morning to 11 in the night. Specially so if you are living on the other side of Ram Jhoola where you have the Chotiwale restaurant and the Shiv temple which hosts the daily Ganga Aarti. The gushing Ganga, is the common background score throughout.

I was here two years ago. (yeah i know i have never posted any pic from that trip here. will do it soon with an attached travelogue) Noticed these two men meditating at such a proximity to the river around 7 am when i was just out for breakfast. It appeared out of place there, as everywhere around me i saw movement, people rushing around. Add to it the Kawaria festival was on in full swing (will talk in length about it in some other entry, soon:) Only other people i found as relaxed were the sadhus, some of whom were resting, others who were smoking ganja.

After a long shot of the two, tried another shot keeping just the two subjects in the frame along with the fast flowing water in the background.

Take Care


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