Of cloudy skies and green mountains…

The monsoons are expected to arrive soon, hopefully. I am just waiting for the drizzle to turn into heavy showers so that the ghats around Mumbai are lush green and i can resume from where i had left off two years back. Trekking in the Sahyadris.

Majority of my friends hate the monsoons, but i eagerly await them every year. Reasons are pretty obvious from the above photographs. These were taken on my last trek to Peb, near Matheran. The trek is simply breath taking, specially when you reach the top of the mountains and actually walk amidst the clouds. Very few experiences in life can match the high of walking through the clouds.

Just counting the days now. The Woodlands are ready, so is the camera and the backpack and the wind cheater. All i need is a couple of heavy showers and an early weekend morning.

Take Care,


6 thoughts on “Of cloudy skies and green mountains…

  1. You haven't lost your touch! Looking at the pictures made me feel like I was there myself. It felt scary with those ominous dark clouds overhead and at the same time simply gorgeous with the deep green of the wild forest below. Truly the one and only TD23! 🙂


  2. @Ellenits always a pleasure to hear from you:) expect more of such kinda pics over the next few months:d thanks a lot for the appreciation:)take careciao


  3. awesome pictures and the words which can make me J netime like – backpack and trips :PMumbai soon is going to be a night away from me, I hope i get to explore it during the rains.


  4. @Muzik Divalol:) well if u can make it, u shud try to explore the ghats around Mumbai called Sahyadris. Trekkers delight them:)take careciao


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