A Resolution

Wishing all of you’ll a very happy new year. In the year gone by, i was not very pleased with the way the blog turned out. I had less than half posts from last year. Three was the maximum number of postings in a month. Sad. Very Sad!

I generally dont follow the resolution natak, but this year i want to take one in regards to this almost dying blog:) This year i plan to do more photography and try to stretch my horizons in the artform. Plan to read up more on photography. Am planning to learn CSS to try and tweak the web page layout and make it more attractive.

Also plan to put up atleast five travelogues with lots of photographs in this year. Last year i wasnt very lucky in the travelling department. It was one of those rarest of rare years, where i DID NOT travel in the proper sense of the word. Will try not to repeat that:) Travelling not only gives me immense pleasure but also an opportunity to explore photography in a way that my city life dosent.

So now that i have written all this, i am sure the pressure to live up to it will constantly keep me on my feet.

Take Care


2 thoughts on “A Resolution

  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR, TD!! 🙂 Oh I'll be looking forward to more of your wonderful and interesting pictures this year. That will be quite a treat, am sure. God bless!


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