Rise from the ashes!

I had taken this photograph long back, when the stock market was still reeling under the sudden loss of money when the FII’s withdrew money and got the 20k + sensex barely touching 10K. But like they say markets are cyclical, so i knew that its just a matter of time before the sensex is all guns blazing. Though the market hasnt crossed its previous high record, but its slowly getting there.

I love walking around the Fort area and capturing the buildings in the area. I had posted another photograph of the BSE here. I love getting lost in the intricate alleys just to find out a road which at first may not seem familiar, but it ultimately leads you to familiar places. The twenty storied Bombay Stock Exchange building is visible for kilometers. But viewing this wonder from the ground, in a frame of decrepit old buildings has its own charm.

I tried to frame the photograph within two such structures. The strong structure amidst the ruins somehow signifies hope, hence the name of the post. The curvature makes it seem like the BSE is having the last laugh.

Take Care


PS : I had planned to put up some Mumbai Marathon pics, but i could only make it to the event by 10am by which time most of the events were over. But i wasnt dissapointed as i had lost all hope of ever being anywhere close to VT today.

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