Alternative Reality

Dhobi Ghat is buzzing with activity from sunrise. The washermen beat the clothes against the rock in their respective quarters, making splinters of water drops fly off in all directions. I had completed my quota of capturing the washermen in action. I wanted to try something different. Hence the name.

I call it alternate reality because the only reality in Dhobi ghat is action. There wasnt a moment where i didnt see anyone just resting over there. I wanted to capture a frame wherein i just got the calm side of this mad house. Though that wasnt the actual reality of the place or purpose of theplace. I realised i could not achieve that with a horizontal frame.

The result is as seen above. The placid water made me content that to some extent i was successful. Tried to implement the principle of leading lines in photography here. Exploring the medium is my passion.

Take Care


2 thoughts on “Alternative Reality

  1. Good morning, TDYou have succeeded with this one… but truly you always do with your camera.. again and again and again. 🙂 'Love it every time you do.By the way, saw you came to my blog place. Was delighted much by your visit. Hahah yes indeed, have that lovely walk with your daughter one day. 🙂 And I hope I get to hear your story. Take care and God bless!


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