The Elusive Wasp

I was at the Mahim Nature park alongwith a photography club, trying to make sense out of what to shoot there. Frankly speaking, i did not find the place photogenic at all. There was dryness everywhere, plus the place had absolutely no breeze blowing which increased the sun’s proclivity to irritate me.

The only respite were these wasps that were all around, only difficulty being, they were not very co-operative. The compound eyes make their sense of sight all the more sharp. It was challenging to capture them in focus. I made many attempts and was successful at some, but failed most of the times. Anyways good learning.

Take Care


4 thoughts on “The Elusive Wasp

  1. Did you get a wide angle lens? the close ups are amazing. I neva thought I'd appreciate wasps as much. But gorgeous hues, esp their wings 🙂


  2. I like the transparent hues of their wings. As if they provide colour to the sunshine…I feel I have commented on this blog before too but dunno why they haven't been moderated yet. :PTo wake you up, you have been tagged. please be a sport and do the tag! 🙂


  3. hey Pakhiim so sorry i havent been on my blog since the last many days, busy with work. no i dont have a separate wide angle lens. just stooped down to the level of the wasp. I also love the wasps for the pattern formed in their wings. it is enchanting:)thanks for the appreciation,take careciao


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