I have been amazingly lazy in putting up any photographs here. The stats on the right make me cringe. Haven’t had any satisfactory shootout in the last couple of months, so i really have nothing new to showcase. So going back to my stock footage.

This photograph was taken last year when i had embarked on a solo voyage to Uttaranchal. Have thousands of photographs from that journey, and i had even thought of creating a travelogue. But i kept procrastrinating and it has been a year since. Sad! The worst part is, i had even written the travelogues, all i had to do was arrange the photographs and text accordingly, but lazy me.

This photograph is the road leading up to Ghangria, which happens to be a base point for tourists who want to visit the enchanting Valley of Flowers and Hemkund Sahib. I chose this photograph now because the photograph has a path that is winding and somehow finding its was amidst the houses and the slope. Life at present is at one such turning point, where i have to find my way through it. With two months left for my internship to end, the feeling of apprehension is taking over slowly but surely.

Take Care,


4 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. been to the VOf last month…amazing place, still cannot get it out of my mind… been meaning to write a travelogue but only a few lines are done… 😦 lovely snap


  2. @NG i can say the same:)) you are already travelling:))@Pakhithanks:P@Rashmihey that is damn cool. its a lovely place isnt it:D you shud write a travelogue soon before the memory of the intricate details fade away:))take careciao


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