An Engineering Marvel – The Bandra Worli Sea Link

Mumbai finally got its much awaited Bandra Worli Sea Link on 1st July 2009 when it was opened for the public. This Rs 400 cr bridge was finally made at a stagerring cost of Rs 1620 crore!
This is just one part of the link that will connect Bandra all the way to Nariman Point. It is one of the most complicated structures to have been constructed in India in many years. 38000 KM Long Steel Ropes, 575000 tonnes of Concrete & 6000 Workers, went into making this grand link.
I got an opportunity to visit the sea link on 23rd June as a part of a media contingent. The mood in the sky couldnt have been better. It was also the first day it rained in Mumbai. Couldnt have asked for a better day. There was absolutely no one on the link that day. The last photograph is one of a kind, cant even imagine clicking such a shot now:P
I’ve kept the photographs in BW as there wasnt much color anyway. Enjoy!

Take Care


7 thoughts on “An Engineering Marvel – The Bandra Worli Sea Link

  1. @Anjulihad gone to the BWSl way before it was opened for the public:D so aram se clicked to my fill:)) advantages of being in the media:P@Rashmiyou should check it out. Although i feel the toll tax is too much but the ride is a breeze. its a beautiful bridge:)take careciao


  2. Hey TD,It looks spectacular! I remember the construction work going on when I went to Mumbai last summer… How is everything going? How is work and stuff?? Any more bylines?


  3. @NGyeah the BWSL is really impressive. Work is really cool. Have got many bylines so far:d more than the bylines im lovin this whole experience. worth the shift to media:)take careciao


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