KGAF Moments

I am sorry for the delay in putting up the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival (KGAF) 2009 photographs. No i wasnt short of time or anything, just a typical Taurean trait coming to the fore here, laziness. Am posting a few photographs now, will update this post pretty soon.

>> A graphiti artist painting the Kalaghoda green.

>>The sketching on the spread across the parking lot went on….

>> ….and on

>> This art installation within the parking lot had a lot of speakers jutting out from all sides, sound quality of the audio wasnt that great though:P

>>A sculptor was busy etching out the faces of his customers on this piece of clay. This was something quite unique and taking live potraits to another level altogether.

>> An art installation within the Parking Lot that talked about sanitation woes in a crowded city like Mumbai. It was the only installation with lots of material to read alongwith it.

>> Sudharak Olwe, a photographer par excellence, who’s work on the life of Commercial Sex Workers was on display in the Parking Lot.

>> Calligraphy as an art form, courtesy Achyut Palaw.

>> Performance by the Indian Whistlers Association, wherein they belted out KishoreDa’s numbers, whistled their way into the hearts of the audience.

>> Unpertubed by the bustlign Kala Ghoda Fest, the regular pavement artists around Kala Ghoda were at their work.

>> The David Sasson Library under lights.

>> The Grand Finale at the Asiatic Library where Shaan was performing.

Take care


9 thoughts on “KGAF Moments

  1. I wish i get to see the fest sometime for real. Finger crossed :)Thanks for sharing such amazing pictures!


  2. @Rashmikoi baat nahi i guess KGAF is held twice a year. make sure you dont miss the Sept ya oct (im not sure) part of KGAFtake careciao


  3. @Pakhithis is the one festival that has completely changed my way of lookin at art. It converted me from a left brained individual to a right brained one:D all my culture vulture leanings are all thanks to this fest. i hope u get to see the fest too:dtake careciao


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