I was at Flury’s for a heavy breakfast. A thing that Flury’s, Kolkata is renowned for. Located in Park Street, Kolkata, with a very European feel, this is one cafe that just cannot be missed in the food capital of Kolkata.

Anyways, we were waiting for the order to arrive. I was searching for photo ops in that duration. After having clicked the interiors from my seat (they really dont like photography inside), i noticed the insignia of Flurys being reflected on the water surface. I drank a few sips and placed the glass on the Flurys paper base, so that the complete reflection could be noticeable. The result is as seen above.

Take Care


8 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Hey TD,I always wanted to visit Kolkata and eat at flurry’s.. bahut naam suna hai…I did a perpection series some time back.. will try to revive my photo blog and start posting there..


  2. Good one dude..Will post one such perspective pic on my photoblog soon enuf!Btw.. where are the railway questions u were supposed to ask me? I’m still waiting to answer them on my blog!


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