Brigade Cholun – Bengali Grafitti!

Jaywalking on the streets of Kolkata was one of my favourite pastimes during the weekends. I purposely used to travel long distances, cus it gave me an oppurtunity to explore the city, the real Kolkata. As far as politics in Kolkata goes, its all Left dominated. The party has been in power for over 30 years now. Its no wonder then that one comes across many such grafittis all across Kolkata. Flyers are common, and stick on paper posters are very popular but Kolkata is a land of artists. So hand painted political announcements are dime a dozen here.

I was glad to have learnt a few Bengali alphabets. Well thanks to the liberal use of Bengali all around, i used to relate the Bengali script with its Hindi/English names that were written above it. And i learnt a whole stock of Bengali alphabets. Whilst walking towards Sovabazaar Metro stn one day, i came across this Grafitti and i tried reading it. I could. I cant read the whole thing now as i have lost touch with the script. But i still can read the main message.

The red word written below read, “Sammelan” and the bigger sized font reads “Brigade” followed by the black “Cholun” below it. I know there is no “O” ki matra there but that is how it is pronounced. The script is very artistic indeed. I hope to learn more alphabets. i think i should get the Ananda Bazaar Patrika, to sharpen my Bengali.

Take Care

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