The IndiBlogger Meet!

I had registered my site on the site named just for the heck of it. Actually i had found their IndiBlogger badge quite cool, and wouldnt mind having it on my page. But when i registered on the site, i got an even cooler IndiClicker badge, which kinda gels with this blog of mine. Apart from being a blog directory, the guys at also organised meets.

The date was initially fixed at 20th April, and somehow for reasons unknown, it got postponed. I was like, damn this meet is never gonna happen. But a few days later i got a mail in my inbox, informing me of a new date along with the venue and the time. So far so good!

The D day arrived. I was ready for the meet. The only catch was that i had absolutely no clue of any of the bloggers who were gonna attend the meet. I hadnt even gone thru any blogs of the people expected at the meet. Apprehension was building up by the moment!

The meet started according to Indian Standard Time (adding 30-40mins to the scheduled time). First of all the Indiblogger team started off with the “About Us”. Then each one of the team member gave us a brief bio on their blogs. Then we had the “One Minute of Fame” thing. This was basically an “Advertise your Blog” session. Was a nervous wreck by the time i came on to advertise my blog. Trust me, nothings more difficult than campaigning for your blog, when you have over 50 eyeballs staring at you. Public speaking is definately not my forte:D

It was quite refreshing to see the variety amongst the bloggers. I dont think any 2 bloggers blogged on the same theme/topics. It was a potpourri of themes. Some of the bloggers talked bout some techie stuff which I had no clue about. (I know i should feel ashamed bout that:D after all im an engg.)

Next on the agenda was a “How well do you know your readers?” session, where in the Indiblogger team had collected random comments from the blogs of the people present. Luckily they had a comment from my blog too which was quite easy to guess as i dont have many comments on my blog anyways:d I had to do the Indiblogger jig.

Next : Tea Session. I found this session the best. Ok that was not just because of the food which was quite good (being a Taurean, cant prevent myself from complimenting good food), but, it was during the tea session that i got to interact with maximum number of bloggers. Also interacted with the Indiblogger team. It was surprising to learn that these 4 guys had formed the site and didnt have any revenue model so to speak. Inspite of that going ahead and organising meets in different cities, was an effort worth appreciating. Finished off the session with a dollop of vanilla covered with chocolate sauce:D

Next in line was a session on Microsoft LiveWriter. By the way, forgot to mention, the event was sponsored by Microsoft. Apart from that, two bloggers talked on pro-blogging and micro-blogging. I’m sorry i cant recall who was who, so im not takin any names. In the end we were asked to fill up a feedback form and were promised Tshirts:D This was followed by the Indiblogger Skit!

There were many shutterbugs in the meet, clicking their way to glory. The Nikon DSLRs in action were looking fabulous. Hey Indiblogger team, when and where can i expect to see the meet photographs?

My Thoughts on the meet
It was an excellent platform for like minded individuals to network. Blogging has been a part of my life since the last three years, and interacting with other bloggers, discussing on various aspects of blogging, was a Sunday well spent! The rapport amongst all the participating bloggers was quite good. Also came to know more about the concept of Pro-Blogging. Networking in action was the thing i liked the best. Also, i hope to get more hits on my blog from now on:D Will add the links of the Indiblogger Junta to the right ASAP.

Take Care


7 thoughts on “The IndiBlogger Meet!

  1. Hellojee! :)Long time!I guess meets are always fun… I was apprehensive initially about meeting, but once it started… it only makes you want to meet more! And your meet looked pretty formal & professional! Nice :)And the Trek Earth pics that you have.. you really shot them all yourself???? You should be working as a professional! They are WOW!!!


  2. hey mehergood to see u here. yea blogger meets are fun no doubt. altho this meet wasnt like the o3 meets. it wasnt very professional either. just that the met had a definite agenda n it was a sponsored event unlike our o3 meets. unlike o3 i hardly knew anyone in this meet beforehand nor did i have any clue of any of their blogs. as regards the TrekEarth pics, actually they are clicked by my alter ego who completely dominates me when i have the camera in my hand:P kidding. yea i clicked em all. thanks for likin emtake careciao


  3. hey Reniewas glad to see the pictures on flickr. lookin fwd to BGs photostream. dude i use a Canon S5 IS. not gone the DSLR way yet:D so where to next? which city?take careciao


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